Inner tortured, wasted Husband

A lie must always be covered by another lie that will be led to the need to not want to get too close to her partner, so that the lie was not disclosed.

Rieny a good mother,

My Eldest (S) of three brothers. Parents are divorced since I was small. And their younger brothers and sisters, we take our mothers who make a living. Now I work and part of the income used to help mothers and younger siblings who are attending school.

I just got married six months ago with A, after dating for more than two years. Although our family did not agree, we are still married. A week of marriage, there is a W, other women, come get angry because they feel let down by A.

We're noisy, but fast finish. The problem arises again when his father gave my mother knew that A had other women are R that often comes when his wife was not home. We're noisy again.

I live part with A, I'm in town A and A in the town of C. Once a week I come to her house, not him who came to see me. A principled, a wife should be devoted to the husband.

I ask the opinion of A to resign from the company to focus on the household. Answer A hang my status.

During the marriage, every Saturday night, I went back to A and set off again Monday morning. Once, I came home, she was out of town with R. When complaining to his parents, his father said, "You fool. Useless to continue as well, going to be destroyed. Do you stand with lousiness A? "

I'm just quiet. Mother can imagine, I even sent back to my parents. Then, A does not call unless you want to have sex. A week later, A asked me to come to a hotel, to meet the biological needs.

A transfer of Rp 100 thousand for the fare and check in at the hotel, but had never before transfer. Household for the sake of unity, I came home from A to C. I think positive, ma'am. Maybe she's in good faith to maintain the household.

It turns out I was wrong thinking, huh? I am being harassed, ma'am. I sent home when not needed, asked to come when they want to have sex, and treated like a prostitute.

The next day, I said to the A to the process of divorce in the religious court, but declined. A further vote by Amil.

In the afternoon, without the knowledge of A, R invites met. R got pregnant but aborted the willingness of A, close to my wedding day. I divorced in the presence of Amil who then took my wedding book. It's my fault, Mom. I immediately believed, a book of wedlock who were given the power held by A. I compounded my marriage would take a book, ma'am.

Once he asked for reconciliation, but when met, we captured again. In fact he's calling my name-calling and saying, I'm just a widowed mother of my lifetime.

Allahu Akbar, ma'am, if parents scorned, I am not blessing. Moreover, he said I took advantage of him. Fortunately from where? After marriage, my debt to bear the cost of marriage and the necessities of life.

Mom, Do I have to process a religious court, considering I only valid in a religious divorce? My family hurt by behavior of A, particularly R A will marry in the near future.

I'm still in the town of J alone, Mom. Every day my mind is occupied by A, my weight fell drastically. I tried to keep myself busy by reading books including the rubric of maternal care psychology, hanging out with neighbors.

I'm trying to be strong for God's blessings with the decision. But it's hard to forgive and forget. I had hoped that one day, when a "slapped" by God, she'll apologize to me and my family.